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Unremembering 2020

Most of us wish that 2020 would never have happened. There are few who claim that this has been the best work year for them. And then there are people who took this year as a message from the universe and are attempting to make a difference, while there are some who took it as an opportunity to transform themselves. But the fact remains, what we as a human race have lost or learned in this calender year, cannot be brought back or unlearned.

However, let's try and un-remember this year.

Millions of lives have been taken by the Pandemic, and then there are many that we lost otherwise. Individuals we looked up to and hoped to become or hoped our sons and daughters would become. People who inspired millions who followed them. Some of the greats and young that the world lost include Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Sushant Singh Rajput and Irrfan Khan. There are so many more that the world will mourn the loss of.

There are also those who made a difference and lived a long life like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sean Connery. These people saw more in what they did than other, and defined the fields they excelled in. Our tribute to them and condolences to their families. Let's unremember the way they made us feel when they left but remeber the awesomeness they spread when they were around.

The year began sadly with the Australian Bushfires and by the latter half of 2020 when we believed we had already seen the worst, the fires had more to show with the West Coast Wildfires in the US. Thousands and thousands of acres of land lost and wildlife impacted, not just the animals but also the people displaced. Let's unremember the wrath of the fires but remember the effort of the warriors who faught the fires.

COVID 19 Pandemic has left us in awe of reality that even the littlest of things can topple the world. A virus that started in Wuhan, China was killing people in every single country in the world before we could even know. It has consumed millions of lives. It is now mutating and evolving and we believe the fight is not over yet. Coronovirus needs to go away for good. Let's unremember the damness it has caused, let's remember that we are not the greatest race and let's remember the new definition of 'Heroes'.

George Flyod unknowingly triggered a series of peaceful and sometimes violent protests across the world and 'Black Lives Matter' which have always mattered. People demand the end of police brutality and racial discrimination. If 2020 can't teach us to live as equals and in harmony, nothing ever can.

In August 2020, a massive explosion of Ammonium Nitrate shook Beirut. It has been recorded as the biggest non-nuclear explosion equivalent to an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude. It caused death of over 200 leaving over 300,000 homeless with over USD 15 Billion in damages. Is there any way this can be unremembered, but nonetheless, we can remember to take precautions rather than find a cure.

No matter how much we try and unremember, there is more bad than good to forget. As the most capable living organisms, we can be empathetic and smart and careful. Let's hope for a much much better 2021.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Stay Safe.

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