About Sanshine

(San)chit + (Sh)raddha is a couple based in New Delhi, (In)dia bringing the world to themselves through (e)xperiences in a cup of coffee and boomerangs.

Ours is an arranged marriage and our courtship started in March of 2019. Very early on we realized how deeply we both wanted to travel the world and experience new things, try new delicacies and click hundreds of pictures. Our mutual desire soon became bigger than just a feeling. We now want to share it with the world.

Besides the commonalities, we also put our difference together to be able to do more and thus share more. Sanshine is about more, more than travel, more than food, more than coffee and even more than pictures. Sanshine is the experience of togetherness while traveling and eating and drinking and more.


Sanshine isn't a backpacking blog or vlog. We believe in enjoying the good things of life. Even if not too fancy, but fancy it is. If you are looking for mid-budget inspiration and ideas, we are here.


I add the coffee and the boomerangs to our travels; love being in front of the camera for a picture and new clothes.

I am an Instagram addict and a travel junkie, big time foodie.

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I add the experience bit to our travels by writing and clicking pictures of landscapes; love driving, trying new beers and new shoes. I am a writer, learner and big-time foodie.

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